living with the sun

Through the sun, the important vitamin D is formed in our body. It is essential for our immune system and provides our body with energy.

UV waves are shorter than visible light waves and that is why they seem invisible to the eye.

However, it is difficult to deal with the sun in a healthy way, because too much sun and UV radiation are very tough on the skin and health. The effects on the body are sometimes only noticed years later.

The world is changing

We are already hitting about degree of global warming. And it will probably go even higher in the next years. This has a direct impact on the climate that affects also our way of living.

The ozone layer is our natural UV radiation filter. In some places of the world the UV intesity increases due to ozone holes. These holes can shift and even reach Germany in spring.

The Competence Center Climate Impacts and Adaptation researches and publishes on the subject climate adaption and the consequences of climate change. 2021 they have added for the first time the UV exposure and the dangers towards humans as a research subject

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