SUNKOLOR yarn can be easily processed into various products.


We produced a lanyard in label quality that makes visible how you can create interesting designs by mixing different materials.

The SUNKOLOR–ribbon is developed for Die Neue Sammlung - Textile Welten 23. The branded ribbon communicates UV-awareness and is used as a bracelet.

The SUNKOLOR–label is small and functional add on for fashion products, bags or accessoires. It can get easily integrated by sewing.

Yarn & Fabrics

The SUNKOLOR-yarn is industrially spun and can be further processed in various textile manufacturing processes. It exist in two colors: Sunset Red and Sunrise Purple.

The pure SUNKOLOR-fabric exists in two colors: Sunset Red and Sunrise Purple. Different qualities can be requested. 

The designed SUNKOLOR-fabrics exist in different textile designs and colors. On request potential designs can be developed.

coming soon


The latest product Panorama Fabrics is currently working on is SUNKOLOR–cord, which will be used for lifestyle applications such as accessories, cell phone straps, bag straps. This development is funded by Worth.


The SUNKOLOR–CONCEPT SUIT is realized in collaboration with the german fashion label OBS. It demonstrates how a full summer outfit made out of SUNKOLOR looks like.


The SUNKOLOR–HAT showcase is realized in collaboration with the Berlin fashion label INDEX. It demonstrates how a ready-made SUNKOLOR products look like. 

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