Within the last two years we have developed several types of products that can be ordered directly from Panorama Fabrics.

Order existing products

6-12 weeks

There is no stock offered and always produced on demand, so you have to expect production times of 6-12 weeks depending on product type and quantity.

individual quantities

Since production takes place in Germany and partly in Europe, small quantities can also be sold.

local partners

Panorama Fabrics works exclusively with high quality local production partners.

To better understand which products we currently offer, we recommend ordering the Panorama Fabrics product catalog. It costs 50 Euro and contains SUNKOLOR ribbons, labels and two qualities of large textiles plus a jacquard design. 

Design & Developement

Due to the in-house technology know-how about SUNKOLOR and the additional expertise in the field of textile design, SUNKOLOR products can also always be adapted and individualized according to customer requirements. 

New designs, new textile product forms and qualities can be developed. We are happy to advise you! 


An important part of SUNKOLOR products is the vision to make UV radiation visible in order to create more awareness for it. For this reason, the branding and storytelling of all SUNKOLOR products is one of the top concerns. Panorama Fabrics helps customers translate this storytelling into a new product through in-house graphic design expertise. 

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